Wag Mates Academy experienced trainers understand that every dog is unique and has their own set of needs and behaviors. They offer personalized training programs that are tailored to meet your dog’s specific needs and personality. For special pets at Louie’s Legacy (see success stories below!), their programs are offered completely free of charge and we are so grateful!

They use positive reinforcement methods to train your dog, which means that they reward good behavior and encourage positive habits. This approach not only helps your dog learn faster, but it also strengthens the bond between you and your furry friend.

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Our Success Stories


Scotia is an adorably playful 1 year old mixed breed rescued from an over-crowded county shelter in West Virginia. He quickly became a volunteer favorite but was unable to find a foster home because he was just so… extra. Wag Mates offered to take him into their program where he will be taking their 3 week long “Basic Teen Wag.” In this program, he will learn the basics and impulse control he needs to find a foster and forever home, happily ever after!


Mariah is a 1 year old Terrier mix from an overcrowded shelter in Tennessee. She is a ball of energy that likes to take lots of walks and even jogs! Mariah came to us with a ton of pent up energy, making it difficult for her to thrive in an urban foster home. Mariah completed Wag Mate’s 3 week board and train program with Tressie where she learned many skills like appropriate outlets for her energy and polite interactions with other pups. These skills are invaluable to her next foster home who will now have a baseline to work with her even more to eventually find her forever home.