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Thank you for your interest in fostering! The simple yet powerful action of opening your heart and home to a rescue pet, even for a short period of time, does so much good. Fostering is literally a life-changing experience!

Many animal lovers simply aren’t aware of the severity of the homeless pet population or how fostering helps save lives. As an entirely foster based rescue, we know that you are the greatest way to save these pets.

We understand if you’re unsure if fostering is for you! Our FAQ addresses many common questions, and you can contact us with any concerns. Please be assured that our incredible Foster Team and Mentors will offer you all of the support and education you’ll need to have a wonderful fostering experience!

Now is the time – sign up to foster today!

Northeast Foster Questionnaire

Midwest Foster Questionnaire

Fostering FAQS:

A: Some studies show that as much as 84% of people just don’t know about the problems of homeless pet population, overcrowding in shelters, or how fostering fits into saving lives. We believe that fostering is the critical link between rescuing a pet from a shelter and matching them with a wonderful adopter. A loving foster home is simply the best environment for their health and wellbeing, far better than a shelter.

A: Absolutely, positively, without a doubt, 100%, yes! You literally save a life every time you foster. Unfortunately, thousands of animals still die in shelters across the country. We’re doing our very best to solve that problem, and we know exactly how to do it – fostering to adoption.

And not only will it make a difference for your foster pet, it will make a difference for you! The experience is incredibly rewarding. In fact, numerous scientific studies have shown that both caring for animals and donating your time or service measurably influences your own health and happiness!

A: We work with a number of shelters and partners to rescue animals in need and place them into temporary, loving homes – like yours! We focus on helping our local community, as well as areas that are in extremely high need of our help. Since we are a completely foster based organization, every animal has the opportunity to decompress from the stress of the shelter and start to develop into their “real selves”. While in foster, you’ll help us gather information about your foster pet’s personality, which helps us find them a wonderful adoption match. Once that match is found, it will be time to give them a big hug – and maybe just one more treat!

A: The first, and most important, responsibility is to provide a caring and safe home environment. There are some very specific guidelines that we will share with you that will keep everyone safe and healthy. From basic food and water, quarantine periods, and where you can or cannot take your foster, our Foster Handbook and Foster Mentors are fantastic resources. Please consult them regularly.

Depending on what type of animal you’re fostering, you’ll need some things in advance. These items may include a crate, puppy pads, or food and water bowls. Louie’s Legacy will pay for full vetting, spay or neuter surgery, and all approved medical or behavioral treatments.

A: Saying goodbye to a foster pet who stole your heart will always be hard. But just remember how important fostering is to saving lives. Every single time you foster, an animal lives! What a wonderful gift you have given! So, you may be sad for a while but you’ll also feel the incredible happiness in being their bridge to a lifetime of love.

A: There are a number of ways you can become involved! Sure, a litter of puppies isn’t the best fit for you, but maybe consider fostering an older cat or dog who just wants a nice, warm place to sleep. Or, if don’t think you can commit to a longer period, we frequently need shorter-term fosters. For example, you can help for just a weekend or when a pet’s regular foster goes on vacation. We are also always looking for pet lovers to join our volunteer team. If that suits your schedule better, please visit

A: Louie’s Legacy rescues animals in all ages and sizes. These include “regular” adult dogs and cats, but also may include pregnant moms or newborns, puppies or kittens, senior animals, medical cases, dogs that may require more exercise or active management, and even bottle babies! Always remember that our Foster Mentors will help you every step of the way, regardless of which type of animal you feel comfortable fostering.

A: We’re proud to say that we rescue many animals every year who require some additional tender loving care. In fact, these are exactly the animals who need our help the most! Some may need special medication or monitoring, while others may need help with behavioral training. Remember, all approved medical treatment or behavioral care is covered by Louie’s Legacy!

If you’re interested in helping these very special animals, know that we always strive to match you with a foster pet who fits your experience and comfort level, and that we’ll support you every step of the way.

A: Absolutely! Socialization is great for both your foster and for your existing pets! Keep in mind that it’s very important your foster pet be quarantined for a specified time period in order to reduce the risk of illness. Once our team lets you know the quarantine is done, you can slowly introduce your own pets to your foster pets. The Foster Team will give you help throughout the process. It’s a good idea to make sure your own pets are up to date on their vaccinations.

A: Some fosters can be adopted quickly, while some take longer to find that right family. All fosters first need to decompress during their quarantine period. While some are scooped up right away, fosters can typically expect ranges from 2-4 weeks. Some animals do take longer to be matched with a great adopter.

A: At some point in your fostering career you may fall in love. Maybe you’ll even be ready to commit to a lifetime together. How exciting! Some call that a “fosterfail” but we consider it a “fosterwin!”. You’ll have the chance, within a certain window, to let our team know you’d like to adopt your foster. Please keep in mind that there is a time limit we have to respect and that you’ll still go through the same matchmaking process as other applicants.

A: Louie’s Legacy has an experienced Medical Team to help you with medical questions or concerns. You’ll contact them first. Very frequently, they can help you navigate common situations. If the Medical Team does determine veterinary care is necessary, you’ll visit one of our highly respected, local veterinarians. They work closely with us and have earned our trust by providing excellent care for our animals.

A: Studies have shown that the absolute best way to help your foster pet find a great, loving home quickly is to take excellent pictures. We actually have a guide specifically to show you precisely what type of pictures work best and how to take great photos with your phone or camera. It’s also very important to attend in-person adoption events* (temporarily limited due to the pandemic) whenever possible so that potential adopters can meet your foster face to face.

A: We’re excited that you’re excited! The next step is to fill out our Foster Questionnaire (links below). Our team will review your information and see if there is a good match. If there is, we’ll reach out to you in a few days so we can get to know each other, what you’re comfortable with, and provide you with all you need to know. We’ll answer your questions and address any concerns you still have. Then, you’ll get paired up with one of our experienced Foster Mentors who will be your primary contact during your foster experience.

So what are you still waiting for? You’re going to save lives!

Northeast Foster Questionnaire

Midwest Foster Questionnaire