Press: Animal rescue event to honor heroic Tommy Monahan | August 7, 2011

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue will host a fundraiser in memory of Tommy Monahan, a talented athlete who lost his life heroically at age 9 on Dec. 17, 2007, when his Prince’s Bay home caught fire and he tried to rescue his Yorkshire terrier, Sophie, and his pet lizard during the blaze. 

The event, set for Sunday, Aug. 21, at P.A.W.S. (Pampered Animal Wellness Spa), Tottenville, from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. is sponsored by the Tommy Monahan Group, an organization that raises funds for an animal shelter each year between Tommy’s death anniversary and his birthday, Aug. 29. 

This year, the event will benefit Louie’s Legacy for their exceptional work in rescuing homeless and abandoned animals in the New York area, especially on Staten Island. It will feature a variety of activities for animal lovers, including adoption information; guest speakers on animal topics; complimentary advice from professional dog trainers and cat experts; myriad raffles’ sweet treats, and a deejay, E Squared. 

Breakaway Soccer will host a table to celebrate another of Tommy’s passions. In addition to the Tommy Monahan Group, a number of other sponsors will participate and a journal especially for the event is in the works. 

Ray Pacheco of T-Trainers will be a guest speaker, along with Dr. John Sangiorgio of CompleteCare Veterinary Center and Steve Clohessy of Port Richmond CERT. 

Animal groomers, pet sitters and dog trainers will be on hand to answer questions, as well as the area coordinator from Louie’s Legacy, who will discuss fostering and adoption. 

A drive for animal donations will be set at the Tommy Monahan table. Pet supplies, food, litter and monetary donations are being accepted. All items will be donated to the animals of Louie’s Legacy in the New York area. 

This year, 109 animals from New York City Animal Care and Control have been saved with the number slated to rise to 200 by the end of 2011. In 2010, Louie’s Legacy saved more than 700 animals in New York and Ohio combined. 

Adoptions from Louie’s Legacy are all life-saving: Their animals are rescued from death row in the city shelter system. All are invited to attend and join the Louie’s Legacy Family. 

Caretakers of rescued animals, both from Louie’s Legacy and otherwise, are particularly encouraged to participate by sharing their rescued animal’s story and having them photographed. 

Sponsors are Whiskers and Leo Pet Care, PAWS, T-Trainers and For the Benefit of Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue. For additional information, contact Mary-Ellen Rozak at mel@louieslegacy or by phone at 718-755-9302. 

P.A.W.S., an organic pet grooming spa, salon and boutique dedicated to special needs pets, is located at 8 Johnson St. Telephone 718-948-7297 for additional information.

Press: Positively Staten Island

Positively Staten Island | January 24, 2011

This Saturday, The Looney Bin is holding a fundraiser for Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue. I am the NYC Area Coordinator for LLAR and will be at the event. See invite on FB for more information here. But in the meantime, learn more about Louie’s Legacy.
In honor of I LOVE NYC PETS month, today I am profiling my favorite animal rescue on Staten Island. Some of you already know, that when this site is not updated, it is probably because I am at our shelter, transporting animals, or working with some recently saved, getting them ready for their forever home. (And sometimes I am even at my real job!)


The rescue I work through is Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue (LLAR). Emily Gear, the director began rescuing animals after she adopted her first dog, Louie in 2006. At the time she was here in New York. While she lived on Staten Island, she was the Curator of the Garibaldi-Meucci Museum. Emily built up her rescue efforts and incorporated LLAR in 2009. She has since moved back home to Ohio, where she has the space and ability to rescue animals full time.
I was able to grab her away from the many animals in her care recently, and interview her about the rescue.

Positively SI: Tell me about Louie

Emily Gear: Louie was my first dog in my adult life. He was a 60 lb Basset Hound - Siberian Husky mix with one blue eye and one brown eye, and he made sounds that I swear were nearly English. He could stand up on two legs and clap his short, stubby legs together, and got such joy out of seeing me giggle wildly about it. I rescued him in 2006 after he had been abandoned by a family who meant well but was totally ill equipped to care for him. I found him all the way up in Connecticut. I brought him home and found he had stage II heartworm disease. I got Louie at a time in my life when I was suffering alone from PTSD. While I saved his life-- he saved mine. He will always be my true love and the best friend I ever had.

PSI: The rescue is obviously named after Louie. Tell us what happened to him.

EG: I officially started the rescue after my Louie was killed on 1/2/09 when he broke out of our fenced-in yard and he ran directly into the path of an SUV. At the risk of sounding melodramatic, it was an event I will never totally recover from, because for me, the sun rose and set with that big red dog. After he gave me my life back, there was only one thing I could imagine would be at all fitting to honor his life with: giving my life to the cause of animal rescue.

Press: Sometimes a Donation to an animal shelter can truly mean the difference between LIFE and DEATH!

Danny | January 05, 2011

A few weeks ago Yahoo asked me if I'd like to be a part of their truly groundbreaking program Yahoo!’s "How Good Grows through Ripples of Kindness" campaign... in which they wrote me a check for $100 and said I could use the money and pay it forward in any way shape or form... in essence this donation to a charity- would hopefully encourage others to pay it forward, and thus the good would grow through this ONE ripple of kindness.

Well if you know me- you are likely well-aware that one of my first loves is my fur baby, my almost 12-year old Shih Tzu Mellie- and I have vowed once my kids move out (whether my husband is on board or not) I am converting our house into a shelter for dogs and cats and will be housing as many as I can humanly fit without being dubbed that "CRAZY HOARDER CAT LADY"... Until then- I am on a mission to spread awareness about the COUNTLESS of men and women who volunteer their hearts and homes and often their own green stuff to help animals who have no homes.

One of these charities is Louie’s Legacy a Staten Island based animal shelter run by one of my FAVORITE Staten Islanders Mary-Ellen Rozak and her partner in crime Emily Gear ( who is currently based out of Cincinnati).

Well they got Yahoo's donation of $100 KINDNESS DOLLARS and with this money they were essentially able to save an animal’s life.

"We are using it toward Danny, a Shepherd Mix we pulled from Brooklyn ACC the day he was to be put on the Euthanasia list. Danny is a nice, friendly boy but was never taught how to behave-- as a result, he acts like a 3 month old in an 8 month old's body, which can be overwhelming if you are not experienced with big, strong dogs. He will be getting some training in a special foster home, which costs $15/a day. Your donation saved his life, and the life of the next animal that will have funds available for it since you covered a chunk of Danny's bill!"

You hear that folks-- your donation could SAVE A LIFE!!! So please if you can find it in your hearts (and wallets) whatever you can give- whether it's $5 or $50, next time consider donating it to Louie's Legacy and to Yahoo- thank you for helping me to GROW GOOD!

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Press: Pet rescues a labor of love


Cincinnati Enquirer | July 5, 2010

On June 16, a former Butler County resident surrendered 25 of his 77 dogs to the Animal Friends Humane Society, loading the shelter with more animals than it could handle.

So Tara Allen, animal care manager at the Hamilton shelter, sent a mass e-mail to the rescue groups she's worked with over the years. In just days, she was able to get some of the dogs off the shelter's hands...

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Press: CBS Early Show to feature's "Foster a Lonely Pet" program on Thanksgiving

From New Orleans Pet Rescue Scene Examiner by Teresa Rowell

Tune in or set your DVR's for Thanksgiving morning (7am to 9am ET) as CBS' Early Show features six homeless pets from Louie's Legacy Animal Rescue (LLAR) looking for foster homes (or permanent ones, of course!)'s "Foster a Lonely Pet" program is promoting getting shelter animals in to foster homes for the holidays.

When Emily Gear, the founder of LLAR, was working with to get her three locations set up on the web site, they asked her if she would like to appear on the Early Show. She did not hesitate to agree.

LLAR was started when Gear lost her first dog, Louie, a Basset Hound/Husky mix, to an unfortunate accident when he escaped from her yard. "It was the worst day of my life," Gear said. Gear had only known the joy of Louie for two and a half years, she said.

She knew then that she wanted to help other animals like Louie whom she rescued from a South Carolina shelter.

LLAR has locations in New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio which is Gear's home, and cares for between 40 and 50 dogs currently.

Utilizing mostly foster homes, LLAR knows the value of getting dogs and cats in to a family environment and out of the shelters, making them more adoptable.

Shelters and rescue groups across the country are participating in the "Foster a Lonely Pet" campaign.

Here in Louisiana you have thirty three to choose from.

So, where ever you are please open your heart and your home to an animal this holiday season.

Who knows, you may become a "foster failure" and end up adopting!

More Info:
There will be a guest appearance from a kitten looking for a foster home, as well!
The airing of "A Dog Named Christmas" on Sunday Nov 29th will also feature segments of the's "Foster a Lonely Pet."
Slide show of the dogs who will appear on the Early Show and links to them on