Press: Hunky Men Pose With Cute Pups For Animal Rights, And Thankfully Do It Shirtless

The Huffington Post | October 8, 2014

The New York City-based rescue group that cares for [Taylor], Louie's Legacy Animal Rescue, is the organization behind a genius calendar that combines handsome shirtless men with adorable, adoptable doggies.

The 2015 calendar, fittingly called "Hunks and Hounds," benefits Louie's Legacy financially and also promotes animal welfare.

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Press - Why bonded pairs matter when considering dogs for adoption

sheknows | June 03, 2014

Everyone knows a dog is a man's best friend, but a dog can be a dog's best friend, too. But can a bonded pair of dogs — two dogs that are strongly attached to each other — be separated? Should they?

Like their human companions, dogs too find comfort in having a doggie companion to rely on. Sometimes the bond is so great that when separated, even for a short time, the dogs each react anxiously and will even bark or whine until its other half returns. So how big of a problem is it to split a bonded pair when adopting them out together isn't an option? And can they find happiness in their forever homes apart from each other?

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Press - 12 Ways to protect yourself against pet theft

sheknows | September 13, 2013

Pet theft is every fur mom's worst nightmare, but your baby doesn't have to fall prey to a neighborhood thief. With our tips, you can rest easy knowing your pet is safe and sound.

You might think that only small, purebred dogs are victims of pet theft and are stolen by people who want a pet of their own, but that's not the case. Big, small, purebred or mixed breeds, pets are stolen every day and used in unthinkable practices like dog fighting, animal testing in labs, ritual sacrifice and even sold in pet stores.

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Press - Chic Spotlight: Emily Gear with Louie’s Legacy

Cincy Chic | September 17, 2012

Cincy Chic:What is Louie’s Legacy?

Emily Gear, president and founder of Louie’s Legacy:Louie’s Legacy is non-profit all-breed no-kill animal rescue which rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes homeless animals in both Cincinnati and New York, NY. We help both dogs and cats, and last year saved just shy of 1,000 animals. We are 100% spay/neuter and are very conscientious about the quality of the homes we choose, and matching appropriate breeds and individual personalities to families who can give them forever homes.

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Press: Animal Adoption Event Honors Boy Who Died Rescuing Pets


NY1 VIDEO: Staten Islanders gathered Sunday in Charleston to raise money to help animals find homes, in memory of a South Shore boy who died rescuing his pets in a fire. Click HERE to watch.